RE: Hiring Fluff Girls (Warning to Actresses and Models)


I don’t have a problem with you putting up ads for a fluff girl, but WHY do you need to have 3 pictures of a woman when they are so called “off camera” when they do the job? You are nothing but a PERVERT trying to collect pictures of women!!! You mean to tell me that NONE of your porn actors don’t have people who can be fluffers?!!! Bulls**t!!!!


Please be careful with these jobs that are posted on Craigslist. Some of the porn jobs are obvious, but many of these other jobs are FAKE!!!! Especially the modeling jobs!!! THERE ARE MANY PIC COLLECTORS ON HERE SO BE CAREFUL!!!

When answering these ads, particularly for lingerie or nude modeling gigs:

1. NEVER give out you home address! I don’t care if the ad asks for it

2. ONLY send pics of your headshots and clothed full body shots, NOT pics of you in lingerie or nude pictures. Again, THERE ARE PIC COLLECTORS ON CRAIGSLIST

3. If you get a reply from and ad and they ask you to send pics of you in lingerie or nude photos, DO NOT SEND THEM! VERIFY first their name, the name of their company, address, and telephone number. Also, ONLY supply pics of you in lingerie or in the nude in an actual go-see (which is like an interview or audition). A legitimate modeling gig should ask you to come in for a go-see because ANYBODY can post an ad and saying they are legit with a legit acting or modeling job. You don’t know who is on the other side of that email. Which reminds me, BEWARE OF THE FOREIGN MODELING GIGS. MOST, IF NOT ALL, ARE FAKE!!!!

4. When going to a go-see for any of these modeling gigs, especially if it is for a lingerie shoot or nude shoot, ALWAYS BIRNG SOMEONE WITH YOU!!! Too many women have been raped or killed due to answering fake Craigslist ads! If you don’t have lingerie pictures and the photographer wants to do some test shots, fine. Just make sure someone is with you. However, if you don’t have any nude photos and the photographer wants to do test shots-BE PAID FOR IT!

5. BE TREAED LIKE A PROFESSIONAL! That means DON’T do lingerie gigs for less than $150/8 per day or nudity for less than $200/8 per day for films or modeling ads. MAKE these film productions or modeling gigs pay you because TOO MANY of these jobs are asking for semi-nudity or nudity!!!! The men aren’t asked to go nude! Remember, these are recorded images of you! Which leads me to….

6. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS sign a model and acting release form that states HOW LONG your image will be used and on WHAT MARKETS! DON’T GIVE ANYONE THE RIGHT TO USE YOU IMAGE FOR CHEAP PAY! If the gig wants to use your image longer, tell the people that they have to PAY YOU! ACT LIKE A GANGSTER!!!! Tell them PAY ME!!!! Remember, this is a business and YOU are a business!

7. Re-post this ad letting your fellow actresses and models know how they can protect themselves because you know one of these grimy perverts will flag this ad.

8. If you can, PLEASE send an email to Craigslist asking them to bring the Adult Section back. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of answering ads only to find out it is for adult work!

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