RE: DP for Occupy Sundance Film Festival

Instead of bitching about your films that have never made it to Sundance, why don’t you put all this time and energy into making a movie worthy of acceptance. Don’t hate on all those who have gotten to Sundance by making phenomenal films. Not all films are created equal. If they accepted eveybody’s shitty movies, then the festival wouldn’t be what it is. . . deal with it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy the movies that have been accepted. You probably just download all your movies anyways since you feel so entitled.

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One thought on “RE: DP for Occupy Sundance Film Festival

  1. I agree 100% the libs seem to just whine and cry or in the case of Sundance run and wave in the streets. While standing on the chase sapphire building I saw them running out in front of cars on main street. Main street being an icy hill with cars trying to get people to their places of business.
    It’s one thing to be demonstrating a cause but class warfare and crying about your short comings is another. Go find something constructive to do.