RE: Trusted Restore (Austin)

I work for Trusted Restore and find it appalling to say the least for some idiot that has nothing to do with there day than to post obvious lies about the company I work for. Never have I had to wait for my paycheck nor have I had to ask for my paych […]

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  1. Sounds like you’re part of the incompetent company that Keith builds his trust in. Stop collecting the paycheck because you should be a shame of yourself. Stop following Keith idiotic instructions, you’re being lead by a fast talking moron that has no idea what he’s doing.

  2. I worked for Keith and as a young female I felt pressured to be on his side even if I felt what he did was wrong. He did not pay many people during the time I worked there. I had to be the bad guy and tell them they were not getting paid. My commissions would come with stipulations or the amount would lower if it was a larger contract. He was very rude to me while I was in the hospital for testings for cancer. He never paid me my last pay nor my commissions. He lies and munipulates people left and right. He gets angry and throws things and yells at his staff if things don’t go his way. He put me in a bad position and hurt me emotionally. Do not trust him for a job nor to fix your project.

  3. I work for Keith as well. Working in the construction industry isn’t easy. Things are cut and dry, sometimes vulgar language is used by the guys in their normal communication style and overall as a female you need to have tough skin. I have not felt pressured by Keith personally. Some of the crew guys have tried to take advantage of me but that is just part of being a women in this business. I am very familiar with handling myself with different personalities. I’m also very familiar with the construction industry in general, which is why Keith highly respects me. I have not experienced him throwing things, he does not yell at me, he does not try to manipulate me nor does he emotionally hurt me. If that was the case then I would not be working with him. I am not someone that would tolerate that sort of behavior from anyone in general. Confidence and experience goes a long way. If you lack both then I can see it being difficult as a women in the construction industry.

  4. DO NOT hire nor DO NOT work for Keith Bauman / Trusted Restore!

    I have 5 SubContractors that were left unpaid when he walked away from my job in the middle of it …. of course, this was after he bought a corvette and went on a 2 week ski trip to New Mexico but only to find himself arrested AGAIN for his 5th DWI and violation of propation of his driving restrictions. (Please google Travis County arrest records for mugshots & history)

    I’m waiting patiently to go to court with every ounce of ammunition, witnesses, subcontractors, proof and documentation!!

    B. Scarborough I will be contacting you too!!

    • I wasnt paid my last week of pay. Then hr sends his henchman to bully me to quit contacting the homeowners where I performed the work. Two of four different homeowners claimed they paid him the rest of the money he demanded just so he would leave. His henchman threatened and verbally assaulted me over the phone while I had him on speaker phone with a room full of people. Never did see my $850.00.