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Date: 2010-01-25, 8:07AM PST
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I agree. It is entertaining though to watch this spectacle of fools.

Listen employer, your $14.00 per hour offers are not only ridiculous but foolish.

Consider the following.. A developer who today is starting a new project trying to decide on just the right technologies has a myriad of choices because Mickey$oft changes data access engines/rules constantly, for instance in the 90’s changed it about every six months. Currently they are trying to merge the Entity Framework (EF) and LINQ2SQL technologies to distill a useful ORM. That won’t happen until .NET 4.0 so they are announcing support for LINQSQL as far as new development until this happens. This is just one of hundreds of technical decisions a competent developer needs to deal with daily.

Now I am mentioning this because the ability to make a decision as a developer and architect as to what technology to implement when is critical in terms of providing the sponsor/client the product they deserve, and this knowledge does not inherently come with the ability to merely sit down in front of a keyboard/monitor. No you have to pay for that. So if you have time to hold a junior developer’s hand for most of the project (and pay the junior developer a market rate, which is about 40.00 per hour minimum) (or even more hand holding for an intern at the rate you are offering) than I would suggest you get the funding you need.

Correctly written software that provides an ROI and actually makes it to the market in a competitive form requires engineering, not web pages.

And I used the word “foolish” because you are not considering that a developer will only give you what you are paying for. If I were to take on a project at $14.00 per hour I would dedicate about 15 minutes of development time per hour for that task. So the developer writes code for 15 minutes on your project, then alt-tabs to the alternate environment and continues for 45 minutes. Then returning to your project for another 15 minute segment, etc.

Moral of the story is, you get what you pay for. Imagine that.

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